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Valkira Case Study: Elevating Reckitt Benckiser's Brands Through BTL Graphic Design Excellence

This case study demonstrates how Valkira, an advertising agency specializing in graphic design and visual communications, significantly amplified the in-store presence and sales of Reckitt Benckiser’s products. By focusing on Below The Line (BTL) graphic design for brands like Vanish, Finish, and Calgon, we achieved a remarkable 30% increase in sales.


Reckitt Benckiser faced the challenge of differentiating their products in highly competitive retail environments. The key to success was enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement in stores, a domain where competitors were already aggressively present.

Strategy by Valkira

Our approach revolved around innovative BTL graphic design solutions:

  1. Customized Graphic Design: We developed tailored graphic designs for in-store promotions, ensuring each brand – Vanish, Finish, and Calgon – had a unique, eye-catching presence.
  2. Strategic Visual Communication: Our team crafted visual messaging that resonated with the target audience, focusing on clarity, appeal, and brand alignment.
  3. In-Store Branding Materials: We produced a range of in-store branding materials, including shelf-talkers, aisle banners, and display stands, each designed to attract attention and encourage purchase decisions.
  4. Collaborative Execution: Working closely with Reckitt Benckiser, we ensured that the designs not only represented the brand values but also aligned perfectly with their overall marketing strategy.


The implementation of these strategies led to impressive outcomes:

  • Sales Increase: There was a notable 30% increase in sales for the promoted products, significantly outperforming competitors.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The custom graphic designs significantly boosted the in-store visibility of Vanish, Finish, and Calgon.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: The visually appealing and strategically placed branding materials effectively engaged potential customers, leading to increased purchases.

Valkira’s expertise in graphic design and visual communications played a pivotal role in transforming Reckitt Benckiser’s in-store promotions. This case study highlights our ability to create impactful visual strategies that not only enhance brand awareness but also drive substantial sales growth. It underscores Valkira’s position as a leader in providing innovative and effective BTL advertising solutions in a competitive marketplace.

Valkira Case Study: Reinventing Whirlpool's In-Store Presence for Market Leadership

This case study showcases Valkira’s strategic approach to in-store promotions for Whirlpool, a renowned home appliance brand. Our focus on delivering attractive visuals that highlighted the benefits and features of Whirlpool products not only enhanced their visibility in stores but also propelled them to become the top-selling brand in multi-brand retail environments.


In the competitive home appliance market, Whirlpool needed to differentiate itself on the crowded shelves of multi-brand stores. The challenge was to create an in-store presence that would not only attract attention but also clearly communicate the unique selling points of Whirlpool products.

Strategy by Valkira

Our strategy was centered around innovative and engaging visual marketing:

  1. Captivating Visual Design: We developed visually striking designs for Whirlpool’s in-store promotions, focusing on aesthetics that would draw customer attention amidst a sea of competitors.
  2. Effective Communication of Product Benefits: Our designs incorporated clear and compelling messaging that articulated the benefits and unique features of Whirlpool products, facilitating customer understanding and interest.
  3. Strategic Placement of Promotional Materials: We ensured that all promotional materials were strategically placed within the stores for maximum visibility and impact.
  4. Alignment with Whirlpool’s Brand Identity: All visual elements were designed to be consistent with Whirlpool’s brand identity, reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty.


The implementation of our visual marketing strategy yielded remarkable results:

  • Sales Growth: Whirlpool experienced a significant increase in sales, becoming the top-selling brand in multi-brand stores.
  • Elevated Brand Visibility: Our targeted visual approach greatly enhanced Whirlpool’s in-store presence, making it stand out from competitors.
  • Improved Consumer Engagement: The combination of attractive visuals and clear messaging effectively engaged customers, leading to increased purchases.

Valkira’s targeted in-store promotion strategy for Whirlpool demonstrates our expertise in creating visual marketing solutions that not only captivate consumers but also drive tangible sales results. This case study is a testament to our ability to elevate brand presence and achieve market leadership in a highly competitive retail environment, reinforcing Valkira’s role as a key player in the advertising industry.

Valkira Case Study: Transforming Reckitt Benckiser's OTC Ibuprofen Products into Market Leaders

This case study illustrates how Valkira’s targeted over-the-counter (OTC) promotion strategies significantly elevated the sales and market position of Reckitt Benckiser’s ibuprofen-based products, notably Nurofen. Our focus on clear, engaging promotions and direct communication of product benefits resulted in a substantial 30% sales increase, surpassing similar generic products in the competitive pharmacy niche.


In the crowded pharmacy market, distinguishing Reckitt Benckiser’s ibuprofen products from generic alternatives was a substantial challenge. The objective was to create promotional strategies that not only attracted attention but also effectively communicated the advantages of choosing Nurofen over other products.

Strategy by Valkira

Valkira’s approach was carefully crafted to meet the unique demands of the pharmacy sector:

  1. Engaging Promotional Design: We developed visually appealing promotional materials that stood out in pharmacies, capturing customer attention amidst a multitude of options.
  2. Clear Communication of Benefits: The promotions were designed to clearly articulate the benefits of Nurofen, focusing on its effectiveness and reliability compared to generic ibuprofen products.
  3. Strategic Placement and Messaging: We ensured that all promotional materials were strategically placed in high-visibility areas within pharmacies and communicated the message in a way that resonated with the target audience.
  4. Consistency with Brand Image: All promotional elements were aligned with Reckitt Benckiser’s brand image, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable presence across all touchpoints.


The focused promotional campaign delivered outstanding outcomes:

  • Sales Increase: Nurofen experienced a remarkable 30% increase in sales, outperforming similar generic products.
  • Market Positioning: The strategic promotional efforts positioned Nurofen as the most sought-after ibuprofen product in pharmacy stores.
  • Competitive Edge: Nurofen’s enhanced visibility and clear communication of benefits gave it a significant edge over comparable generic alternatives.

Valkira’s strategic OTC promotion for Reckitt Benckiser’s Nurofen transformed its market standing in the highly competitive pharmacy niche. This case study highlights our ability to develop and implement effective promotional strategies that not only boost sales but also establish products as market leaders. It underscores Valkira’s expertise in creating impactful marketing solutions that resonate with consumers and drive success in challenging markets.

Valkira Case Study: Propelling VB Leasing to the Forefront of the Croatian Market

This case study reveals how Valkira’s innovative marketing strategies remarkably elevated VB Leasing’s position in the Croatian leasing market. Entering as the 17th ranked leasing house in 2005, VB Leasing set an ambitious target to climb five ranks in five years. Our strategic approach not only met this goal but also significantly exceeded it, launching VB Leasing to become the 2nd top leasing house in Croatia.


VB Leasing faced the considerable challenge of distinguishing itself in a highly competitive market and climbing the ranks swiftly. The task was to develop a marketing strategy that was not only effective but also resonated with clients through simplicity and clarity.

Strategy by Valkira

Valkira implemented a customer-centric marketing strategy:

  1. Client-Friendly Communication: We focused on presenting leasing options with easily understandable figures, making the services more accessible and appealing to a broader client base.
  2. Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Our campaigns were tailored to highlight VB Leasing’s unique selling propositions, emphasizing their competitive advantages in the leasing market.
  3. Brand Positioning and Visibility: We enhanced VB Leasing’s brand visibility through strategic advertising, public relations, and digital marketing efforts.
  4. Data-Driven Approach: Utilizing market data and customer insights, we continuously refined our strategies to maximize impact and relevance.


The outcome of these efforts was extraordinary:

  • Remarkable Rank Improvement: VB Leasing not only improved by five positions but soared to become the 2nd top leasing house in Croatia.
  • Sustained Market Position: This prestigious status was not just a momentary achievement; VB Leasing maintained this position until 2020, demonstrating the lasting impact of our strategies.
  • Increased Market Share and Visibility: The company saw a significant increase in market share and became a well-recognized name in the Croatian leasing sector.

Valkira’s strategic and client-focused approach played a crucial role in VB Leasing’s rapid ascent in the Croatian leasing market. This case study exemplifies our ability to understand client needs, market dynamics, and to employ innovative strategies that drive remarkable business growth. Valkira’s expertise in marketing not only changed the trajectory for VB Leasing but also set a new standard in the industry for achieving and sustaining market leadership.

Valkira Case Study: Driving Eukcija's Market Success with Innovative Marketing Strategies

This case study highlights Valkira’s comprehensive marketing strategy for VB Leasing’s Eukcija, an innovative online platform we invented and registered as a trademark, specializing in the sale of cars returned from operational leasing. By combining impactful graphic design with robust digital marketing, we significantly increased engagement and sales, effectively clearing almost the entire stock of cars within 18 months.


Eukcija faced the dual challenge of establishing its brand in the market and efficiently selling a high volume of cars returned from operational leasing. The goal was to create a marketing strategy that would not only attract attention but also drive substantial sales.

Strategy by Valkira

Valkira adopted a multifaceted approach that included both visual communication and digital marketing:

  1. Striking Graphic Design: We developed visually appealing graphic elements for outdoor campaigns and tailor-made brochures, enhancing Eukcija’s brand

visibility and appeal. This involved creating eye-catching designs that would resonate with potential buyers and differentiate Eukcija in a crowded market.

  1. Robust Digital Marketing: Our digital marketing efforts were focused on driving traffic to the Eukcija platform and converting visitors into buyers. This included targeted online advertising, SEO optimization, and engaging social media campaigns.
  2. Integrated Visual and Digital Strategy: The combination of visual communication with digital marketing efforts created a cohesive and powerful brand presence. This synergy ensured consistent messaging across all channels, enhancing brand recall and customer engagement.
  3. Outdoor Advertising Campaigns: We strategically placed outdoor advertisements in high-traffic areas, leveraging the power of visual appeal to attract potential buyers and direct them to the Eukcija online platform.
  4. Customized Brochures and Collaterals: The brochures and marketing collaterals were specifically designed to highlight the benefits of choosing cars from Eukcija, emphasizing quality, affordability, and a wide range of choices.


The implementation of this dual approach yielded significant results:

  • Increased Engagement and Sales: Eukcija experienced a notable increase in both customer engagement and sales, effectively meeting and surpassing sales targets.
  • Stock Clearance: The combination of visually compelling campaigns and targeted digital marketing was instrumental in clearing almost the entire stock of cars within 18 months.
  • Brand Recognition: Eukcija established itself as a recognized and trusted brand in the operational leasing car sales market.

Valkira’s innovative and integrated marketing strategy for Eukcija demonstrates our ability to successfully combine graphic design with digital marketing to achieve remarkable results. This case study is a testament to our expertise in creating and executing marketing strategies that not only meet but exceed client expectations, solidifying Eukcija’s position in the market and establishing it as a leader in its niche.

Valkira Case Study: Amplifying the Brand Presence of Leading Croatian Radio Stations with Full Agency Support

This case study examines Valkira’s role in providing comprehensive visual communication solutions for leading Croatian radio stations. Our agency’s full support in visual communications helped these stations enhance their brand presence, engage more listeners, and strengthen their position in the market.


The Croatian radio market is highly competitive, with numerous stations vying for listeners’ attention. The primary challenge for these leading radio stations was to stand out and maintain a strong, distinctive brand presence both offline and online.

Strategy by Valkira

Valkira’s strategy encompassed a full range of visual communication services:

  1. Branding and Identity Design: We developed or refined the radio stations’ visual identity, including logos, color schemes, and branding materials, to ensure a consistent and impactful brand presence across all platforms.
  2. Marketing Collaterals: Our team designed a variety of marketing collaterals such as posters, flyers, and merchandise, which played a crucial role in offline marketing campaigns and events.
  3. Digital Design Solutions: We provided digital design support for their websites and social media platforms, ensuring a cohesive and engaging online presence that resonated with the target audience.
  4. Outdoor Advertising: Implementing striking outdoor advertising campaigns, including billboards and public transport ads, to increase visibility and brand recognition in high-traffic areas.
  5. Event Branding and Promotions: Designing promotional materials for special events and radio campaigns, enhancing audience engagement and participation.


Valkira’s comprehensive visual communication strategy led to notable achievements:

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: The radio stations saw a significant improvement in brand recognition and recall among their target audience.
  • Increased Listener Engagement: Through cohesive branding and targeted promotional materials, the stations experienced increased engagement, both online and

offline, attracting a larger and more loyal listener base.

  • Stronger Market Position: The enhanced visual communication and branding efforts contributed to a stronger market position for the radio stations, setting them apart from competitors and establishing them as leading voices in the Croatian radio industry.
  • Successful Event and Campaign Execution: The visually appealing and strategically designed materials for events and special campaigns resulted in higher participation rates and audience engagement, further solidifying the stations’ community presence.

Valkira’s full agency support in visual communications played a pivotal role in transforming the brand presence of leading Croatian radio stations. Our integrated approach to branding, digital design, and promotional material creation not only elevated the stations’ market position but also deepened their connection with the audience. This case study demonstrates Valkira’s expertise in delivering comprehensive and effective visual communication solutions that resonate with audiences and drive success in the competitive media landscape.

Valkira Case Study: Boosting Local Promotion for Durex and Scholl in the Croatian and Adriatic Region Post-Acquisition

This case study explores Valkira’s focused efforts in amplifying the local market promotion for Durex and Scholl in Croatia and the Adriatic region, following their global acquisition by Reckitt Benckiser. Without altering the established brand identity, our agency intensified the marketing initiatives to bolster brand presence and sales in these specific markets.


After Reckitt Benckiser’s acquisition of Durex and Scholl, the challenge was to enhance the visibility and appeal of these brands within the Croatian and Adriatic markets. The goal was to leverage the momentum of the global acquisition to boost local market presence without altering the core brand identity of Durex and Scholl.

Strategy by Valkira

Valkira’s strategy was tailored to meet the unique demands of the local markets:

  1. Localized Marketing Campaigns: We designed and executed marketing campaigns that resonated with the Croatian and Adriatic audience, ensuring cultural relevance and appeal.
  2. Enhanced Retail Presence: Our focus was on enhancing the in-store visibility of Durex and Scholl through eye-catching point-of-sale materials, displays, and promotions that appealed to the local market.
  3. Digital Marketing Efforts: Recognizing the growing digital audience in the region, we ramped up online advertising, content marketing, and social media campaigns specifically targeted at the local demographic.
  4. Community Engagement Initiatives: We initiated engagement activities that connected the brands with the local community, fostering brand loyalty and awareness.
  5. Collaboration with Local Retailers: Strengthening relationships with local retailers was key to our strategy, ensuring prominent shelf placement and visibility for Durex and Scholl products.


The focused local market promotion strategy led to significant achievements:

  • Increased Brand Visibility: Durex and Scholl experienced heightened brand awareness and visibility in the Croatian and Adriatic markets.
  • Sales Growth: The targeted promotional efforts contributed to a substantial increase in sales for both brands in the local markets.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The culturally relevant campaigns and community engagement initiatives led to a deeper connection with the local audience.

Valkira’s strategic promotion of Durex and Scholl in the Croatian and Adriatic region post-acquisition by Reckitt Benckiser showcases our expertise in local market branding and marketing. Our approach successfully leveraged the global acquisition momentum while maintaining the core brand identity, leading to increased visibility, engagement, and sales in the local markets. This case study exemplifies Valkira’s ability to adapt global brands to local market dynamics, driving success and market growth.

Valkira Case Study: Boosting Market Share for a Local Rent-A-Car Service through Graphic Support and Brand Standardization

This case study demonstrates how Valkira’s focused efforts on graphic support and brand standardization significantly elevated the market presence and appeal of a local rent-a-car service, leading to an increase in market share.


Competing in a saturated local market, the rent-a-car service needed to distinguish itself from competitors. The primary challenge was to develop a strong, visually appealing brand identity and ensure consistent branding across all customer touchpoints.

Strategy by Valkira

Valkira’s strategy centered

on enhancing the brand’s visual elements and standardizing its branding materials:

  1. Redesigning Brand Visuals: We revamped the brand’s visuals, including logo, color scheme, and imagery, to create an appealing, modern look.
  2. Standardizing Branding Materials: Standardized branding materials, such as business cards, brochures, vehicle decals, and signage, were developed to ensure a cohesive appearance.
  3. Revamping Marketing Collaterals: Marketing collaterals, including promotional flyers and digital ads, were redesigned to align with the new brand standards.
  4. Enhancing Online Presence: The company’s website and social media profiles were updated with new branding elements for a consistent online experience.
  5. Outdoor and Point-of-Sale Branding: Strategic placement of outdoor advertising and point-of-sale materials increased visibility and brand recognition.


The implementation of these strategies led to:

  • Increased Brand Recognition: The new visual identity and consistent branding enhanced recognition in the local market.
  • Growth in Market Share: Notable increase in market share due to stronger brand presence and customer trust.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Improved customer perception and trust in the service.

Valkira’s emphasis on graphic support and brand standardization was key to increasing the market share of the local rent-a-car service. This approach showcases the importance of cohesive visual strategies and branding consistency in competitive markets.

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